What Is a Permanent Eyeliner?

Applying the perfect eyeliner is one of the most challenging and tedious tasks a woman must do. Your eyes may become watery, the liquid may smudge, and the line might become wonky.

That’s why an increasing number of women prefer a more permanent solution to their troubles—permanent eyeliner.

Wondering what this new makeup trend is and what the procedure involves? Read our complete guide on permanent eyeliner below.

What Permanent Eyeliner Is

This procedure involves using a microneedle to implant pigment into a person’s eyelids. Once the process is completed, your eyes will look gorgeous every day from the moment you wake up.

Unlike what its name suggests, permanent eyeliner is not so permanent. It does not remain in your eyelids forever. It’s color and visibility fade after about two years.

The procedure itself takes about 1-3 hours in total, including the numbing process, which takes about half an hour. But this also depends on the style you prefer.

We will get to the process of applying permanent eyeliner shortly. But first, let’s review the styles.

The Styles

There are two styles — a tight line and the eyeliner method:

  • In a tight line style, the pigment is applied between the layers of eyelashes. It results in the darkening of your lash line, which makes your eyelashes look better.
  • The other style involves the pigment being implanted just above the lash line, making you look like liquid eyeliner drawn on your eye.

The artist doing the procedure will work on achieving the look you want and take into account your facial features to decide on the appropriate size and shape of your permanent eyeliner.

The Process

The application procedure is pretty straightforward. Of course, it only occurs after you have carefully discussed and agreed with your PMU artist.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, the PMU artist will clean your eye with an antibacterial wipe.
  • Numbing the skin is the second step. The PMU artist applies the numbing cream to ensure as little discomfort as possible.
  • As soon as the skin becomes numb, the PMU artist uses a cosmetic machine to insert microdroplets of pigment beneath the skin. A numbing cream is applied while the procedure is underway to ease the pain if the pain intensifies.
  • After the artist has achieved the look they were going for, a thin coat of eye ointment is applied to help heal.

Does The Procedure Hurt?

Most people describe the process as more uncomfortable than painful, while others perceive this as pain. Fortunately, the numbing cream is there to ease the pain for you.

What Could Happen During the Healing Process?

The healing process for this beauty procedure is nothing out of the ordinary. Once the procedure is over, you are free to leave immediately. Save for a little inflammation around the area, you can go back to your normal daily activities without straining.

Avoid wearing mascara for the first seven days to allow the eyeliner to hear because it can cause an infection. When the eyeliner starts to heal, and the pigment settles, there may be a bit of scabbing.

Do not pick or peel the scabs because you might end up peeling the pigment together with the scab. It will be best if you do not touch the area since your hands carry germs and bacteria which can infect the delicate area.

It takes between 3 and 7 days for the tight line eyeliner to heal and 7 to 10 days for the eyeliner type to heal because it has thicker lines.

Bottom Line

Overall, permanent eyeliner has become a very popular and accessible way for women to avoid the pains of applying real eyeliner. It’s an easy and mostly painless procedure with fast recovery. However, we recommend talking to a professional first before deciding on the procedure.