..Permanent Eyeliner..

Do you love wearing eyeliner but can’t handle having to draw it on each morning? If that sounds like you then permanent eyeliner would be your dream come true.
Imagine eyeliner that never smudges and is completely waterproof. With different eyeliner tattoo techniques such as a thin wing, top and bottom, thick wing, shaded wing and many more, you can achieve any look you desire to make your eyes pop.
A natural pigment is deposited along your lash line to not only enhance your eyes but also give the illusion of thicker and fuller lashes. Permanent eyeliner is suitable for any gender.
Ms Amber Red’s is the place to go for your iconic lash tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

the different types of eyeliner...

*If you need help choosing what eyeliner style would work best for you please feel free to book a free consultation


This eyeliner tattoo technique is subtle but still gives you that winged look. The style will give the eye a youthful lift.

As with all eyeliner tattoo techniques, this style requires a consultation to evaluate your individual eye shape as it is unfortunately not a good style for hooded eyes.

If you have hooded eyes do not worry, we have many other permanent eyeliner styles for you, just keep ascrolling.


This eyeliner tattoo style is big, bold, and black! Nothing natural here.

Great for someone who wears makeup on a daily basis and is used to applying their eyeliner regularly.

The thick wing permanent eyeliner tattoo also gives the eye a pretty lift. This eyeliner style requires a consultation to evaluate your individual eye shape.

This style is also no good for hooded eyes.


Top and bottom eyeliner tattoo is considered any style of top eyeliner paired with a bottom eyeliner.

This will really enhance the eyes creating the illusion of thicker and fuller lashes.

The top and bottom eyeliner tattoo technique is subtle yet noticeable and really makes a difference to your eyes.

This style is great for all skin types.


This winged eyeliner tattoo style is similar to a traditional wing eyeliner but instead of being crisp and defined it has a softer, blurred top edge. A beautifully natural technique that gives the illusion that you have melted in a smokey eye.

It is suitable for both makeup and none makeup wearers. This eyeliner style requires a consultation to evaluate your individual eye shape.

Not good for hooded eyes.

BOTTOM liner

Bottom eyeliner can be added to any permanent eyeliner style or even be done just by itself.

This permanent eyeliner technique is very subtle but will certainly add definition.

Bottom eyeliner compliments top eyeliner very well and is great for all skin types.

WEDGE eyeliner

Wedge permanent eyeliner is more of a makeup look. Think basic eyeliner.

It’s not generally too thick or too thin but definitely noticeable. What’s nice about wedge permanent eyeliner is that it gives the eye a natural lift and is great for everyday wear.

It is not quite a wing but allows you the guides needed to spruce it up for your nightly look when you want and works for most skin types.


A lash enhancement is a very natural eyeliner tattoo style. This permanent eyeliner technique stays within the lash line in between the eyelashes.

It makes the lashes appear fuller and darker.

Permanent eyeliner lash enhancement gives the eyes a pop without the appearance of makeup and is great for all skin types and as with all eyeliner tattoo, suitable for both males and females.

"Amber is a perfectionist, everything from color, shape, placement, application and aftercare is done with care and attention to detail"