..Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Artist..

Victor, was born and raised in Southern California, growing up predominantly in Orange County. A son to Mexican immigrants, he observed the hard work and effort his parents made in this amazing country to better both there lives and the lives of there children, instilling a solid foundation of values and morals for him to grow and live upon. 

At a young age, Victor was no stranger to hard work, helping out at both the family restaurant and landscaping business, as well as excelling in academics. A full schedule for anyone, and all though constantly busy the family still found time for him to participate in many sports, activities, and to simply just hang out and be a kid. Later in life he would continue on to raise a family, go to college, get married move to Las Vegas NV, become a Journeymen Pipefitter, get divorced, then remarried (to an amazing woman and soul), as well as learn the amazing art of SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation)!!!

These life experiences would later lay out the foundation to whom Victor is today. The family business would teach him such things as the value of a dollar, the importance of customer service, and the direct relationship between effort and results.   Later, sports would add to this by teaching him the value of being a team player, importance of not giving up, as well as believing in one’s self and ability’s. Life would later teach him patience, with the raising of children, as well as the realization that life is a never ending roller coaster that stops for no one, so feel what you need to feel at the moment and then move on so you can do your best to live in the moment.  Jobs and careers would only add to this, teaching the importance of balancing one’s life, the importance to detail, being open minded, and to continually learn. 

These amazing accumulation of life experiences and teachings have made Victor who he is today.  And are all things that make Victor not only an amazing person, addition to the team, but also an amazing Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) Technician.  So rest assured, that when you book with Victor for your SMP procedure and needs you’ll be getting amazing, methodical, and we’ll excited results.

"It’s not just a service but an experience"