..Elite Artist..

Tania was born in Santiago, Chile and moved to Las Vegas with her parents when she was only 2 years old, she says she’s basically a Vegas Native. From a very young age she showed lots of interest in all types of art forms, drawing, painting, writing and musical instruments. Her favorite part about school was always writing stories, designing poster boards, creating display models, playing the violin and anything that allowed her to express her creativity. Her freshman year in high school she became her schools newspaper entertainment editor where she wrote and designed her segment and front covers. This is also around the time where she started experimenting with makeup and noticed she was actually good and liked it. Since then her friends let her practice makeup looks on them as well as letting her thread their eyebrows which she learned from YouTube! Her friends and family encouraged her to pursue a career in beauty or cosmetology since she was good at it and enjoyed it, but that was more of a fun hobby for her and she wanted to go the Journalism route.

She graduated from CSN in 2015 with an Associates degree in Journalism and later received her degree in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. She loved all the “creative” aspects of Journalism, Business and Marketing, but she couldn’t fully see herself working in any of those career paths for the rest of her life. During the infamous quarantine of 2020 she had more time to take her passions seriously and practiced her drawing and graphic design work. She quickly began freelancing commissions, logos and designing for small business as well as helping them manage their social media and marketing. Tania realized that she really loved being creative and knew that art and design truly fulfilled her. She began doing research on tattooing and permanent makeup but she never took the leap, although she thought about it the entire year.

In 2021 her interests in tattooing and permanent make up were still there and her friends and family encouraged her to take it seriously. She searched for months for a school or course but she honestly wasn’t impressed by anything she saw, until she came across an opportunity of a lifetime. Not only was MsAmberRed looking for someone who would help her design and upkeep her social media, she was also looking for an apprentice! All of Tania’s interests of social media marketing, content creation, makeup and tattooing were all combined into one, she knew this was it. After meeting with Amber and being in the studio Tania knew this was it and dove in completely. She loves everything about PMU, the environment, the time and dedication that goes into, but most importantly… how happy clients are after seeing their transformation. Aside from art, Tania loves music, dancing, puppies, kittens, soccer and Italian food!

"The staff are amazing, friendly and so much fun"