The Secret to Juicy Lips!

Want full, juicy lips 24/7?

Here’s our secret… lip blush tattooing! Yes. You can actually tattoo your lips. 

We offer two different types of lip tattooing techniques depending on how soft or bold you would like the color and lasts about 3-5 years.


The first technique is called Lip Blushing. This is a look for a more natural gal. Your lips will heal very soft, almost like you applied a sheer gloss color. You can still apply any topical lipstick over to easily change up your color.  


The second technique is the lipstick look which heals much more striking! This bold lip is for the makeup girlies that want a fully filled in look. Topical lipstick can still be applied on top but it is a bit more limited with colors due to the pigment that will be already there.

Both age beautifully and will fade with time! Just remember, this service won’t make your lips bigger but they may appear more fuller because of the new definition and color. It is extremely common for lip tissue color to recede and make the lips look smaller and dehydrated. The new color will surely bring your lips back giving them a fresh, hydrated look. 

Our techniques are a little different compared to what other permanent make up artists offer, which is why our lip tattoos last much longer than what’s out there. We use a series of needles and movements to really pack that color in for longer lasting results. 

Are you interested in getting a lip tattoo or are an artist wanting to learn our techniques? We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email or message us directly with any questions you may have ❤️