Comination Brows IN LAS VEGAS, NV

..Combination Brows..

Combination brows are one of the best options when it comes to permanent makeup eyebrows. While other brows treatments are better or worse for specific skin types, combination brows are perfect for any skin type but ideal for dry skin.

The name combination brows come from the fact that is precisely what they are, a combination of both powder and hair stroke brows. Powder brows create a powdered look across the brows as if you have powdered makeup on. Hair Stroke brows are where strokes are made in the brows area that replicates the look of natural brow hairs and makes your permanent makeup brows look entirely natural.

Combination brows combine the hair strokes and the powdered brows by applying the powder brow technique to the brow’s tail to give you a bold, longer-lasting finish. At the same time, the hair strokes technique is applied to the front of the brow to give you an entirely natural look.

Here at Ms Amber Red, we offer the best combination brows in Las Vegas! 

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